Population Studies Training Program Director and Mentors

The Population Studies Training Program is led by Dr. Ann Meier, who is MPC’s Training Director and Professor of Sociology. The program’s faculty mentors—an outstanding team of 37 faculty mentors from 8 colleges and 9 disciplinary departments—engage trainees with integrative, groundbreaking research and provide purposeful professional socialization. MPC Population Studies Trainees typically have two mentors, one in their disciplinary home and one in another field that aligns with their research interests. 


Cawo Abdi- Sociology
Ryan Allen- Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Ragui Assaad- Humphrey School of Public Affairs 
Kathleen Call- School of Public Health 
Jeffrey Crump- College of Design
Elizabeth Davis- Applied Economics
Jack DeWaard- Sociology 
Audrey Dorelien- Humphrey School of Public Affairs 
Julia Drew- Minnesota Population Center 
Sarah Flood- Minnesota Population Center 
Paul Glewwe- Applied Economics 
Ezra Golberstein- School of Public Health 
Kathryn Grace- Geography, Environment, and society 
Dave Hacker- History 
Jonas Helgertz- Minnesota Population Center
Janna Johnson- Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Claire Kamp Dush- Sociology 
Jason Kerwin- Applied Economics 
Deborah Levison- Humphrey School of Public Affairs 
Carolyn Liebler- Sociology 
Sharon Long- Biology 
Steven Manson- Geography, Environment, and Society 
Susan Mason- School of Public Health 
Ann Meier- Sociology 
Phyllis Moen- Sociology  
Samual Myers Jr.- Humphrey School of Public Affairs 
Michael Oakes- School of Public Health 
Theresa Osypuk- School of Public Health 
José Pacas- Minnesota Population Center 
Michelle Phelps- Sociology 
Joe Ritter- Applied Economics
Evan Roberts- Sociology 
Steve Ruggles- History 
Adam Saffer- Hubbard School of Journalism and Mass Communication
Tetyana Shippee- School of Public Health
Ying SongDepartment of Geography, Environment, and Society 
Chris Uggen- Sociology
Jane VanHeuvelen- Sociology
Tom VanHeuvelen- Sociology 
Rob Warren- Sociology 
Virginia Zuiker- College of Education and Human Development