Examining associations between poor marital functioning and stress eating behaviors that exacerbate weight gain

With support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, MPC Member Chalandra Bryant is starting a new project to examine the associations between poor marital functioning, affect, and stress eating behaviors. The research will test the effect of two competing interventions on those associations among African Americans. Data will be collected in the form of questionnaires and ecological momentary assessment. The project addresses the need for a shift in the thinking about (and current approaches to) programs aimed at reducing the risk for being over-weight and obese. Outdated paradigms fail to acknowledge the impact of family relationships on promoting or inhibiting stress and, in turn, weight gain. This research is being done in collaboration with Elizabeth Wieling at the University of Georgia, Deadric Williams at the University of Tennessee, and Christiana Awosan at Iona University.

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To advance knowledge of human populations and institutions across time and space with a focus on health, well-being, economic and demographic behavior, and human-environment interactions.

2018 Outstanding Unit Award For Equity And Diversity Recipient

In November, the ISRDI was named the recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Unit Award for Equity and Diversity. The award is given by the Office for Equity and Diversity to honor exemplary campuses, colleges, departments, or units that demonstrate leadership in equity and diversity work.

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Picture of JP LeiderJohnathon (JP) Leider

Leider teaches health policy, budgeting and financial management at the School of Public Health. Leider is also Director of Evaluation for the Region V Public Health Training Center, Associate Faculty at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and an independent consultant in the public health and health policy space with active projects and collaborations with foundations, national public health organizations, public health researchers and academics, and public health practitioners. Current projects focus on public health systems, the public health workforce, and public health finance. Leider recently collaborated with Elizabeth Wrigley-Field on Racial Disparities in COVID-19 and Excess Mortality in Minnesota.

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