Extreme Weather Disasters, Economic Losses via Migration, and Widening Spatial Inequality in the U.S.

MPC Member and Assistant Professor of Sociology Jack DeWaard has been awarded an NSF grant (SES - 1850871) for a new project entitled "Extreme Weather Disasters, Economic Losses via Migration, and Widening Spatial Inequality in the U.S." DeWaard and Co-PIs Katherine Curtis (University of Wisconsin-Madison) and Elizabeth Fussel (Brown University) aim to conduct the first study of what they call economic losses via migration from affected areas after extreme weather disasters in the U.S.

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Jack DeWaard

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To advance knowledge of human populations and institutions across time and space with a focus on health, well-being, economic and demographic behavior, and human-environment interactions.

2018 Outstanding Unit Award For Equity And Diversity Recipient

In November, the ISRDI was named the recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Unit Award for Equity and Diversity. The award is given by the Office for Equity and Diversity to honor exemplary campuses, colleges, departments, or units that demonstrate leadership in equity and diversity work.

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Andrew Verdin


New MPC Member Andrew Verdin recently started working with Kathryn Grace on quantifying the influence of climate extremes on human behavior, health, and mortality in the developing world. Their current projects include determining the effects of environmental conditions on: (i) out-migration in rural Mali, (ii) children’s mortality in sub-Saharan Africa, (iii) agricultural sustainability in Mali and Ethiopia, and (iv) children’s health and women’s health in eastern Europe and western Asia. Andrew is a statistician with a background in spatial statistics, hydrology, climate science, and demography. He will be presenting on working with environmental data at the April 19 MPC Weekly Workshop. Welcome, Andrew!

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