New Grants Announced

We are excited to announce three new grants to help us continue and expand the important work being done here at MPC and IPUMS.

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Our Mission

To advance knowledge of human populations and institutions across time and space with a focus on health, well-being, economic and demographic behavior, and human-environment interactions.

2018 Outstanding Unit Award For Equity And Diversity Recipient

In November, the ISRDI was named the recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Unit Award for Equity and Diversity. The award is given by the Office for Equity and Diversity to honor exemplary campuses, colleges, departments, or units that demonstrate leadership in equity and diversity work.

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Member Profile

Picture of Alicia Kunin-BatsonAlicia Kunin-Batson

As a licensed clinical neuropsychologist, Dr. Kunin-Batson has extensive experience in the assessment of neurocognitive and emotional functioning across the lifespan. Her research interests include the role of environmental stressors on children’s health and health behavior, as well as the identification of multi-level factors (e.g., individual, family, society) which buffer or exacerbate these risks.

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