Study to examine the effect of police violence on the birth outcomes for Black infants

Minnesota Population Center member and University of Minnesota School of Public Health Associate Professor Rachel Hardeman has launched a five-year study to investigate the association between a specific, pervasive form of structural racism — racialized police violence — and the occurrence of preterm birth (PTB) and low birth weight (LBW) among Black infants. 

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To advance knowledge of human populations and institutions across time and space with a focus on health, well-being, economic and demographic behavior, and human-environment interactions.

2018 Outstanding Unit Award For Equity And Diversity Recipient

In November, the ISRDI was named the recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Unit Award for Equity and Diversity. The award is given by the Office for Equity and Diversity to honor exemplary campuses, colleges, departments, or units that demonstrate leadership in equity and diversity work.

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Yingling Fan

Yingling Fan works interdisciplinarily in the fields of land use, transportation, social equity, and public health. Fan’s overarching research goal is to investigate the impacts of spatial planning (e.g., land use, growth management, and transit improvements) on human activities and movements as well as to understand the health and social aspects of such impacts. Fan had a recent article published titled “Three-Year Changes in Low-Income Children's Physical Activity: Prospective Influence of Neighborhood Environment and Parent Supportive Behavior” in the Journal of Pediatrics. 

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