Short-Term Research Assistant Service

MPC members can apply to use the services of a 20-hour per week graduate research assistant for a short period of time (typically up to 4 weeks). Priority is given to projects that (a) have a population studies focus, broadly construed; (b) can quickly result in a publication and/or grant proposal; (c) can clearly benefit from short-term research assistance; and (d) do not already have external funding. Preference will be given to junior faculty. All MPC faculty, postdocs, and research staff members are eligible to use this service.

To apply for this service, please complete this form with the following information:

  1. Your name and departmental affiliation

  2. Details about your project: A title and a short (~2 paragraph) description of the overall project's goals and activities

  3. Information about the product that will result (e.g., a publication, a grant proposal, a conference presentation) and when that product will be produced

  4. A statement about current external funding support for the project

  5. A description of the specific activities the research assistant would do and (if not obvious) how they fit into the overall project

  6. The number of weeks the research assistant's services would be needed (at 10-20 hours per week) and a proposed starting date

Questions? Contact us at

Our Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 short-term RA is Applied Economics student Khoa Vu.

Khoa's Skills and Experiences: 

Data analysis with Stata, R, Python (proficiency in the same order)
Database: SQL
Text editor: LaTeX and Word

Econometrics, impact evaluation, causal inference, data cleaning, automating tables and figures

See Khoa's CV for more skills and experiences.