The Minnesota Population Center develops and sustains innovative, high-quality, and transformative interdisciplinary population science. It empowers and trains researchers to study and solve the population issues and problems of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

It does this by

  • Creating, sustaining, and expanding an intellectual community of interdisciplinary population researchers.
  • Helping researchers to develop, fund, and execute cutting-edge population research projects.
  • Formally and informally training the next generation of interdisciplinary population researchers, teachers, and professionals.
  • Providing outstanding administrative and technical support for population research and training.
  • Effectively and efficiently disseminating and communicating research findings and their implications to diverse stakeholders and audiences.
  • Responding to and engaging with local, state, national, and international partners and communities.


By maximizing the full potential of population research and researchers, the Minnesota Population Center makes creative, substantial, and regular contributions to the public good for and across current and future generations.


  • The public good
  • Accessibility, openness, and transparency
  • Multi- and interdisciplinary collaborative research
  • Research excellence