Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships

The Graduate School awards a limited number of one-year Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowships (IDFs) each year to outstanding graduate students who would benefit from interaction with faculty at one of the University's interdisciplinary research centers or institutes. The MPC welcomes applications from students pursuing interdisciplinary population research.

Please check the Graduate School's IDF website for more detailed information.

Congratulations to MPC trainee Maryia Bakhtsiyarava for being awarded a 2018-2019 Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship!

Maryia Bakhtsiyarava
Advisors: Kathryn Grace
Research Center: Center for Global Health and Social Responsibility
Faculty Mentor: Sarah Cusick
“Climate and Child Nutrition: An Interdisciplinary Framework to Uncover the Linkages“

Application Process

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