Research Development Events

The MPC supports and hosts a number of events to spark new ideas and promote research collaborations, continuous learning, and professional development. 

Beyond the listed events below, we also encourage and help host informal events, like coffee breaks, to encourage researchers from across disciplines to gather and share ideas. Interested in organizing an event, have questions or ideas? Contact us at

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Research Mixers

MPC Research Mixers bring together faculty, research staff, and graduate students from across the University to develop research projects in each of MPC's five Primary Research Areas. These mixers are intended to facilitate the building of new research teams, the development of new research projects, and the discovery of new data.

To learn more about our Research Mixers or if you have an idea for an interdisciplinary project that would benefit from a Research Mixer, please contact us at

Population Dynamics Barn-raising

MPC Barn-Raisers are a biannual event organized around an emerging theme in population research. The event brings together an interdisciplinary panel of experts and researchers across the country to foster new collaborations, inspire research projects, and drive the field forward. 

Minnesota Demography and Aging Seminar Series

Hosted in conjunction with the Life Course Center, our seminar series is open for anyone to attend. Each academic year we invite leading researchers from a variety of disciplines tackling some of the biggest questions and challenges in our field. 

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MPC Workshops

Aimed at fostering professional skills, techniques, and continuous learning, our workshops are open to anyone interested in attending. Workshops include topics like data visualization, giving better presentations, how to submit abstracts for conferences, research feedback sessions, storing and organizing data, and so much more. The flexible and casual setting of the MPC Workshop is designed to support all participants, from students to tenured faculty. 

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