Xiaowen Han

Graduate Student, Sociology
MPC Population Studies Trainee Alumna
Research Interests

Life course, family demography, education, social inequality


Xiaowen is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology with primary research interests in life course study, family demography, and social stratification. In Fall 2020, she joined the MPC as a Population Studies Predoctoral Trainee.  

Xiaowen’s research interests center around life course research, family demography, education, and quantitative methodologies. She is now working as a graduate research assistant with Professor Jeylan T. Mortimer for Youth Development Study, responsible for collecting, processing, and analyzing the longitudinal data. Her current projects use YDS data to explore how social perceptions mediate between individuals’ social locations and health outcomes. As an MPC trainee, she plans to utilize survey and census data to further examine various sources of structural inequalities in a cross-national comparative perspective.