Employment Opportunities

Current or recent job openings for the Minnesota Population Center are listed below. Applications for current openings should be should be made via the University of Minnesota's online employment system. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us at mpc-jobs@umn.edu.

Staff or Faculty Positions

Data Analyst (two positions)

Data analysts are involved in all stages of data and metadata production.

The first position we look to fill will focus primarily on creating spatially consistent GIS boundaries across census years for IPUMS-International countries. Specific tasks would include identifying and interpreting boundary changes, matching census microdata codes to labels and to contemporary maps, GIS mapping of the countries, documenting changes in geography between censuses, and integration of international microdata to match changes in geography.

The second position will potentially engage in the full range of IPUMS integration work: coding data, harmonizing codes across datasets, resolving comparability issues, documenting variables, exploring data quality, testing website functionality, adapting existing methods and tools to new purposes, and developing new approaches to address novel situations.


Graduate Student Positions

We do not have any current openings. Please check back soon!

Undergraduate Student Positions

Student Archive Assistant

Undergraduate Research Fellow