Employment Opportunities

Current or recent job openings for the Minnesota Population Center are listed below. Applications for current openings should be should be made via the University of Minnesota's online employment system. For more information or if you have any questions, please contact us at mpc-jobs@umn.edu.

Summer 2017 Diversity Fellows

The Diversity Fellowship at Minnesota Population Center at the University of Minnesota is designed to help recruit undergraduate and graduate students to work on its U.S. or international demographic data resources or with MPC Member Faculty. Projects or units with openings this summer include: IPUMS-DHS & IPUMS-International, and faculty-led research projects with Dr. Samuel L. Myers, Jr., with Dr. Michelle Phelps, and with Dr. Eric Shook.

Undergraduate Office Assistant

The MPC is seeking undergraduate office assistants to work with the internal admin team provide service to staff and visitors to the Center.