Research Spotlights

Image showing paper, phone, computer, pencil, and various graph imagery

Migration as a Vector of Economic Losses From Disaster-Affected Areas in the United States


MPC Members: Jack DeWaard and Kobie Price

  • Found areas impacted by a disaster suffer additional economic losses due to out-migration from the affected area 
  • Migration of people out of the impacted areas temporarily reduces spatial inequality 

Using Prevention Research to Reduce Racial Disparities in Health Through Innovative Funding Strategies: The Case of Doula Care

Prevention Science

MPC Member: Judy Temple

  • Presents innovative ways that cost-benefit analysis can help direct private and public funding to support doula care for Black women and others at risk of poor birth outcomes

Are Supervision Violations Filling Prisons? The Role of Probation, Parole, and New Offenses in Driving Mass Incarceration

Socious: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World

MPC Members: Michelle Phelps and De Andre’ Beadle 

This project benefited from our short-term RA service

  • Most incarcerated persons are behind bars for new sentences. Just 1 in 8 on any given day is locked up for a technical violation of community supervision alone. 
  • Strategies to reduce prison populations must look to new criminal offenses and sentence length.