De Andre' Beadle

MPC Population Studies Trainee
Graduate Research Assistant
Research Interests

Crime, law & punishment; life course; race & ethnicity; healthcare access and health disparities


In 2014, De Andre' earned a B.A. in criminology from Louisiana State University and in 2016 an M.A. in sociology & criminal justice from the University of Arkansas. In his research, De Andre' investigates the impact of criminal justice contact on the lives of oppressed communities, particularly through the lens of Critical Race Theory and the life course paradigm. His work also engages healthcare access and health disparities, social demography, and race and gender. Methodologically, he has quantitative and qualitative training, including the analysis of survey and interview data. He is currently a Graduate Research Assistant to the UMN's Grand Challenges Research Initiative project on "Identifying and Addressing Disparities in the Criminal Justice and Health Care Systems." In 2018, De Andre' joined the MPC as a predoctoral trainee and is a Ph.D. student in sociology.