Upcoming Courses


PA 5301 – Population Methods and Issues in the US and Global South

This course surveys population trends and issues and teaches basic demographic methods. Topics include fertility, mortality, and the demographic transition; population growth and the environment; infant mortality; sexuality and the control of fertility; US trends in family structure; and aging. The course is aimed at Master's and Ph.D. students but serious upper- level undergraduates are welcome. The course will be "web enhanced" but the home page will be available only to registered students.

PA 5390 Demography & Aging Seminars and Workshops

The Minnesota Population Center and the Life Course Center’s weekly Demography and Aging Seminar exposes students to cutting-edge research from scholars based at the University of Minnesota and throughout the world. The Friday Workshops focus on professional development and skills building such as learning to write a conference paper abstract, or present work in progress or give feedback in Paper Hatchlings. The main workload for this course is attending the seminars and workshops. 1 cr.

PA 5401 Poverty, Inequality, and Public Policy

Nature/extent of poverty/inequality in the United States, causes/consequences, impact of government programs/policies. Extent/causes of poverty/inequality in other developed/developing countries. 3 cr. Population studies area of concentration: economic demography