MPC Grants

All final, peer-reviewed manuscripts of articles arising from NIH-funded research which are accepted for publication on or after April 7th, 2008 need be submitted to PubMed Central, NIH's digital archive of biomedical and life sciences journal literature.

Please acknowledge the MPC and our data projects.

The NIH Public Access Policy allows NIH to link and track publications and grants. The linked publications show up under the grant's "Results" tab in NIH RePORTER. This now makes the productivity of all NIH grants public knowledge. There are three components to the requirement: retaining key rights, depositing your article to NIH, and citing your article. For detailed guidelines, see the University Libraries online instructions.

If you are affiliated with the Minnesota Population Center, we would appreciate your acknowledging the Center Grant in your publications. If you use MPC data in your research, please acknowledge the grant(s) that funded the data collection.

Important NIH Grant Numbers

Minnesota Population Center P2C HD041023

IPUMS International

  • R01HD044154    (Integrated Samples of Latin American Censuses)
  • R01HD047283    (Integrated Samples of Eurasian Censuses)


  • R01HD043392    (IPUMS Redesign)
  • R01HD060676    (Baseline Microdata for Analysis of U.S. Demographic Change)
  • R01HD056215    (New Data Resources from the 1960 U.S. Census)
  • R01HD041575    (Public Use Microdata Sample of the 1930 Census)
  • R01HD039327    (1880 Population Database for the US)


  • R01HD067258    (Integrating, Linking, & Disseminating CPS Data, 1962-2013)

North Atlantic Population Project (NAPP)

  • R01HD052110    (North Atlantic Population Project)

National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS)

  • R01HD057929    (Integrated Spatio-temporal Aggregate Data Series)

Integrated Health Interview Series (IHIS)

  • R01HD046697    (Integrated Health Interview Series)

American Time Use Survey-X (ATUS-X)

  • R01HD053654    (American Time Use Survey: Data Access System)

IPUMS Demographic and Health Surveys (IPUMS-DHS)

  • R01HD069471    (IPUMS Demographic and Health Surveys)