Tricia Alexander

PhD Student
Public Health
Research Interests

I am interested in the chronic stress of racism and how it is associated with nutrition-related chronic diseases, as well as psychosocial factors. I am most interested in this in Black populations. In addition, I want to explore this in the context of intersectionality, Black feminism, and Critical Race Theory.


Tricia Alexander is a first generation American with her mother’s side gradually immigrating to the United States from Kenya during her mother’s young adulthood. She was raised in Eden Prairie, MN and frequently visited her extended family in Kenya. This experience of having a foot in two different cultures has made her inquisitive and keen on visualizing situations from various perspectives. She received her B.S. in food science and human nutrition with a dietetics management concentration from Colorado State University-Fort Collins. Currently, she is a dietitian at HCMC – a career inspired by the connection to food through her family’s traditions.