Robert McMaster

Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education
Professor, Geography, Environment, and Society
Associated Projects
MPC Primary Research Areas

My research interests include automated generalization (including algorithmic development and testing, the development of conceptual models, and interface design), environmental risk assessment (including assessing environmental injustice to hazardous materials, the development of new spatial methodologies for environmental justice, and the development of risk assessment models), Geographic information science and society (public participation GIS, alternative representations), and the history of U.S. academic cartography.  I served as a Co-PI on the first five-year NSF grant to develop the “National Historical Geographic Information System.”  I have published several books including: Map Generalization: Making Rules for Knowledge Representation (with B. Buttenfield), Generalization in Digital Cartography (with K. Stuart Shea), Thematic Cartography and Geographic Visualization (with T. Slocum, F. Kessler and H. Howard), and  A Research Agenda for Geographic Information Science (with E. L. Usery).