Robert McCaa

Research Interests and Project Expertise

Demographic Data Infrastructure; Historical Demography; Census and Survey Methodology


I am a founding member as Ambassador of the IPUMS-International project. I develop partnerships with National Statistical Offices to entrust microdata to the IPUMS-International projects. My publications are focused on the questions and concerns of National Statistical Offices about what happens to the microdata once they are entrusted to the MPC.

Selected Publications

Human Development Index-like Small Area Estimates for Africa computed from IPUMS-International integrated census microdata.Journal of Human Development and Capabilities, DOI 10.1080/19452829.2014.956300. Co-authors: Iñaki Permanyer, Albert Esteve, and Joan Garcia.

Controlled shuffling, statistical confidentiality and microdata utility: a successful experiment with a 10% household sample of the 2011 population census of Ireland for the IPUMS-International database. In J. Domingo-Ferrer (Ed.): Privacy in Statistical Data 2014, LNCS vol 8744, pp. 326-337. Co-authors: Krish Muralidhar, Rathindra Sarathy, Michael Comerford, and Albert Esteve.

The Big Data Revolution: IPUMS-International. Trans-Border Access to Decades of Census Microdata Samples for Three-fourths of the World and more. Revista de Demografía Histórica, 30:1 [2012], pp. 69-88.