Matt McFalls

Doctoral Student
Research Interests

As a researcher I am interested in health outcomes of job lock for older workers. Job lock is a concept in which workers are unable to leave a position out of need for the pay or benefits, and this perceived inability to leave work may create a conflict with personal health as workers weigh their decision to continue work, change jobs, or retire. My research is therefore interested in injury and mental health outcomes of job lock among aging workers in the US. Understanding how these financial needs impact worker health and safety may provide useful information to help organize and structure work among an increasing population of older workers in the US.


As a PhD student in Environmental Health, I study occupational injury prevention and focus on the health of older workers. I am interested in how the organization of work impacts injury and mental health outcomes. I also enjoy working with others to understand and analyze data, both as a technical advisor for the Research Data Assistance Center (ResDAC) and as a teaching assistant to public health students.