Marina Gorsuch

Research Associate
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Research Interests and Project Expertise

Labor Economics; Population Economics; Economics of the Family; Experimental Economics


I joined the MPC in 2015 after finishing my PhD in Public Policy at Duke University. I am an applied microeconomist whose research focuses on social inequities. I am particularly interested in the persistent difference in labor market outcomes based on sex and race. I investigate this persistent difference using field experiments, laboratory experiments, and analyzing demographic datasets. I base my work in economic theory and incorporate insight from sociology and psychology.

Selected Publications

Gorsuch, Marina Mileo. "Decomposing the Increase in Men's Time on Childcare during the Great Recession." Forthcoming, Review of Economics of the Household.

Gorsuch, Marina Mileo, Seth Sanders, and Bei Wu. 2014. "Tooth Loss in Appalachia and the Mississippi Delta Relative to Other Regions in the United States, 1999-2010." American Journal of Public Health 105(2): e85-e91.