Margaret Charleroy

Research Associate
Associated Projects
Research Interests
Historical Demography; Medical History; Population, Health, and History; Census and Survey Methodology

I started at the Minnesota Population Center as an Interdisciplinary Doctoral Fellow (2009-2010) and continued at the MPC as a graduate research assistant on the IPUMS-CPS project through 2013. In my current role as a research associate with IPUMS-CPS, I collaborate with MPC staff to make CPS data and documentation available to a broad range of researchers.

My research integrates questions about population, health, and history. I am trained as a historian of medicine and my research combines medical history with methods drawn from population studies, demography, and social science history. My current project uses historical medical records from American prisons to examine morbidity, mortality, and demographic shifts among institutional populations. My experience distilling data from archival collections informs my approach to managing large datasets at the MPC. My role at the MPC allows me to continue to produce and disseminate data and to collaborate across disciplines.