Kathryn Coursolle

Research Associate
Associated Projects
Research Interests
Social Demography; Marriage and Family; Aging and the Life Course; Census and Survey Methodology

I first worked at the MPC as an undergraduate intern throughout three summers when I was completing my bachelor degree in Sociology with a concentration in analysis and research (CAR) at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. After completing my Ph.D. work at the University of California - Los Angeles, I returned to the MPC in 2011 as a research associate on IPUMS-USA.

My main focus at the MPC is to release new data and improve existing IPUMS-USA data. These goals fit well with my appreciation for microdata and research interests. Lara Cleveland, Steve Ruggles, and I are currently comparing estimates of standard errors using several techniques on U.S. Census data from 1960-2010. I am also working on research that documents the propensity, quality, and dissolution of remarriages across the life course and my earlier work examined the consequences of retirement on emotional well-being and marital quality.