Jeremy Van't Hof

Research Interests

I am interested on how blood pressure varies by neighborhood. My general hypothesis is that neighborhood exposures and community resources and education impact blood pressure control independent of individual characteristics.


Dr. Van’t Hof’s clinical interests include early detection of cardiovascular disease in order to prevent or delay the onset of cardiovascular events, familial hypercholesterolemia, resistant hypertension and complex polyvascular disease. He believes in an integrative treatment approach combining lifestyle alterations with evidence based medical therapy to maximize physical and mental health as well as quality of life.

Dr. Van’t Hof’s research interest involves improving cardiovascular disease detection and early intervention. He believes that poor cardiovascular health is often a result of poor public health literacy, linked to inefficiencies created by the current “sickness-based” health care delivery system. The failure of cardiovascular prevention is a key factor that leads individuals to a less happy, less productive, and shorter life. Dr. Van’t Hof is dedicated to all efforts that improve both individual cardiovascular health and population health through public health research and intervention.