Hadija Steen Mills

Picture of Hadija Steen Mills
Graduate Student - Public Health
Founding Director of the Healthcare Reparations Cooperative
Research Interests

I am interested in unhoused youth who are pregnant and/or parenting and how the impacts of structural racism as impacted through allostatic load impacts perinatal health outcomes for this population.


I am mixed-Black, a first-generation immigrant, queer, and a parent of twins. My intersecting identities brought me to the work and have influenced and informed all aspects of my work. I am traditionally educated in the area of human sexuality with a focus on reproductive justice and disparities and have a Maternal Child Health Master's in Public Health, with a double minor in Epidemiology and Health Equity. I was born and raised on the Dakota land commonly known as Minneapolis. I acknowledge my diasporic lineage does not pardon my responsibility as an occupier of this stolen land. 

Outside of and separate from the University I am the Founding Director of the Healthcare Reparations Cooperative and explore work at the junctions of systems abolition, epistemically diverse knowledge production, and wealth redistribution in the context of healthcare. As a student in the Sociology of Health and Illness track, I am interested in the effects of racism-related stress on birth outcomes for chronologically youthful birthing people.