Etienne Breton

Research Interests

I am a mixed-method demographer newly employed as a Senior Data Analyst on the IPUMS-PMA project. I have conducted and published research on international population topics in demographic and population health journals and look forward to joining the community of demographers at UMN.


Etienne Breton is a Senior Data Analyst at IPUMS-PMA. He received his Ph.D. in Demography from Princeton University in 2019. As a demographer combining quantitative and ethnographic methods, Etienne studies the causes and consequences of international family change. His research explores how development and inequality influence patterns of living arrangements, women’s empowerment, union formation, and intergenerational relationships. Etienne further studies how changing family patterns and childhood adversity influence health and other outcomes during the transition to adulthood. His in-depth study of household patterns in India undergirds this research approach, which his more recent work expands in a global perspective with projects in sub-Saharan Africa. Etienne’s research is published at Population and Development Review, Social Science and Medicine - Population Health, and Asian Population Studies. and has been presented at annual meetings of the Population Association of American and the American Sociological Association.