Eric Myott

Research Interests

With a spatial lens and background in GIS, I have over 25 years of experience researching disparities and evaluating challenges and opportunities in metropolitan areas. The research I have more recently taken on includes assessing the impact of student mobility in school programs on segregation and life outcomes. Other relevant research I have engaged in includes analyzing neighborhood changes in gentrification and low-income resident concentrations, changes in transportation and affordable housing patterns and mortgage lending disparities.


Eric Myott, a research fellow, develops and conducts research at the institute on Metropolitan Opportunity and previously worked as a geographic information science (GIS) specialist at the Institute on Race and Poverty. His over twenty-five years of experience and skills includes producing and managing a large range of socioeconomic data sets, GIS maps and analyses depicting demographic spatial patterns in metropolitan areas. Efforts include mapping and analyzing the changing racial diversity and election results in U.S. cities and suburbs. He also specializes in examining home mortgage lending patterns and has expanded research about employment, commuting and affordable housing in the 50 largest U.S. metropolitan areas. His most recent work involves investigating the ways that integration programs impact segregation and the life outcomes of students through mobility. Myott contributes to empirical and policy research at the Institute, as well as provides technical expertise, generating materials and results that help enhance knowledge about societal issues and inequities in metropolitan areas. He has a B.S. in geography from the University of St. Thomas and a M.S. in geographic information science from the University of Minnesota.