Diana Magnuson


My full-time association with ISRDI as curator and historian began in September 2021, though my connection to the historical census projects stretches back to my graduate research work on the original 1880 PUMS and 1880 procedural history.  Over the course of my career I have been connected to the MPC as a consulting census historian and visiting scholar.

In my current role I am responsible for: research preparing procedural histories documenting IPUMS USA historical data collection production; managing the physical collection of census and survey documentation for IPUMS; managing the preservation of digital collections for IPUMS, MPC and LCC; IPUMS education and outreach; and maintaining the ISRDI institutional archive.  My blog posts highlighting ISRDI/MPC archival exhibits can be found at https://blog.popdata.org/.

My sustained  research and scholarly output, beginning with my dissertation, has focused on the history of the U.S. census of population with an emphasis on enumeration issues and  procedural histories.