CeRon Ford

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Graduate Research Assistant
Research Interests

I am a health equity researcher with research interests that include examining the association between people (vulnerable populations, places (geographical locations from county to national levels), and policies.


CeRon is an East Texas native, born and raised in Tyler, Texas. During his matriculation through his Masters program, he advocated for tobacco and smoking policies in Southwest Atlanta and arbitrated information on health-related diseases to varying divisions at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After earning his Masters degree, CeRon provided academic support to core faculty and served on MPH Research Committees as the Health Administration, Management and Policy Teaching Associate in the Graduate Education in Public Health Department at Morehouse School of Medicine. Generally, CeRon’s research examines the potential health impacts of U.S. health policies for historically disadvantaged populations. More specifically, he is interested in examining inequities that link structural racism and covert discrimination to health and U.S. health policies. With aspirations of becoming a tenured professor and health policy consultant to policymakers, CeRon plans to further develop the understanding of health inequities and racial inequities for historically disadvantaged populations.