Brayden Rothe

MPC Population Studies Trainee
Research Interests

My current demographic research interests center around examining the connections between race, mortality, and socioeconomic status among individuals who migrated to the Midwestern and Western United States during the late 19th century. Of particular interest is investigating the Southern diaspora's trajectory after the Civil War, encompassing both black and white populations, and their subsequent generations until around 1900. A secondary interest is in enhancing the degree to which we understand Scandinavian integration and assimilation in the Midwest.


Brayden is an aspiring historical demographer and History graduate student specializing in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century United States. As of Fall 2023, he is a Trainee in the Minnesota Population Center's Population Studies Training Program. 

Brayden's current research delves into the connections between race, mortality, and socioeconomic status among the Southern Diaspora. Focusing on the life trajectories of individuals—both black and white—who migrated from the South after the Civil War, as well as those of their descendants. Previously, Brayden has worked as a research assistant on the High School & Beyond Study (now EdSHARe) and the IPUMS Document Archive.