Bhavin Pradhan

Ph.D. Candidate
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Research Interests

My research looks to understand household energy insecurity by using the ACS census tract and micro-data databases. I am particularly interested in using spatial microsimulation methods to combine the 5 year ACS and ACS micro-data. This research looks to assist community organizations implementing social welfare programs in Minnesota to improve targeting of eligible households.


Bhavin Pradhan is a Ph.D. candidate in Public Affairs at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, focusing on Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy (STEP). Bhavin's research investigates public policies that apply poverty abatement frameworks and justice within the context of energy justice, energy transition, and climate mitigation. His research lies at the intersection of the energy transition's economics, justice, and poverty implications. At the Chan Lab, Bhavin has been working to develop data-intensive novel indicators to study energy justice in the US, study impacts of low-income community solar programs across the US, and understand ways to reduce energy poverty in Minnesota.