Anna Bolgrien

Research Scientist
IPUMS International
Associated Projects
Research Interests

International development; Survey methodology; Demographic data infrastructure; Childhood


Anna Bolgrien is a former doctoral candidate at the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs with a focus in global policy and international development.  Her background is in demography and population studies with her primary research interests on the design and production of demographic data in developing countries. She applies her work to the development of research methodologies appropriate for children and youth in Tanzania, Nepal, and Brazil with the Animating Children's Views project (PI: Dr. Deborah Levison, PhD).  She currently works as a Graduate Research Assistant on the IPUMS- International data project. She was also a MPC Graduate Student Predoctoral Trainee in Population Studies (2016-2019) where she pursued (and continues to research) a variety of demographic topics including infant mortality, urban slum migration, epidemics and fertility, and childhood disability.