Anna Bokun

Alumni MPC Predoctoral Trainee

Anna's research explores labor markets, human capital, and family demography. In particular, Anna studies the relationship between labor market structural shifts, skill-biased technological change, and U.S. employment disparities.

Anna has 3 current projects:

1) Under the guidance of Dr. Ann Meier and Dr. Rob Warren, Anna is examining the economic conditions that shape couples' work patterns and earnings after childbirth using Current Population Survey (CPS) data.
2) Anna's 2nd year paper uses data from the OECD, Eurostat, and the Polish Central Statistical Office to explore child benefit policies and cash transfers in the EU, with a special focus on Poland's "Family 500+" program.
3) Anna's multi-method dissertation will analyze how trade-displaced workers retrain for new jobs. Her project will focus on the role of community colleges and occupational retraining programs in the Midwest. 

2020 Population Association of America and American Sociological Association (Virtual Meetings). “The Role of State Economic Conditions in Couples’ Relative Earnings After First Birth.” 



2019 American Sociological Association, New York, NY. “Great Expectations: An Interview-Based Pilot Study On Graduating Into The Great Recession.”


2019 Population Association of America, Austin, TX. “Baby Boom or Bust? The Case of Poland’s Family 500+ Policy.”