Amanda Thomas

Picture of Amanda Thomas
MPC Population Health Pre-Doctoral Trainee
Epidemiology & Community Health
Research Interests
  1. Cancer survivorship
  2. Geospatial analysis
  3. Pediatric oncology/hematology
  4. Social determinants of cancer care/treatment

Amanda’s research interests in pediatric cancer treatment and survivorship stem from her personal experience with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) at age 2. With five years of previous research experience at Emory University she is also familiar with large, nationwide outcome datasets (NDI, OPTN, PCCC [Pediatric Cardiac Care Consortium]) as well as GIS techniques to investigate relationships of space and health outcomes. Her current projects surround aspects of cancer incidence/prevalence/survivorship focusing on the geospatial, social, and latent determinants of health.


Amanda is a PhD student in Epidemiology with a focus on pediatric cancer populations and the relationship of treatment and survivorship across the life course. She joined the MPC in the Fall of 2022 as a Population Health Predoctoral Trainee.