Alyson Harding

PhD Student, Graduate Research Assistant
Research Interests

I am interested in population-level impacts of disasters, and the use of existing large datasets to explore impacts of disasters. While my dissertation work focuses primarily on public health impacts, I am also interested in migration and demographic trends after disasters. Working with the Minnesota Population Center would be a great opportunity to learn more about ongoing research and methods used in demographic research.


Alyson Harding is a PhD student in the Division of Environmental Health Sciences at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health. Her research interests include disaster epidemiology, as well as injury and environmental epidemiology and public health preparedness. Her work involves applying epidemiological methods to disaster data to better understand the public health consequences of disasters and emergencies. She is also interested in population level impacts of disasters, including migration and demographic changes. Alyson attended North Carolina State University and received bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and anthropology. Following graduation, she spent a number of years as an AmeriCorps member and staff member working for Habitat for Humanity. She holds a Master of Public Health in epidemiology from the University of Pittsburgh.