Alicia Kunin-Batson

Picture of Alicia Kunin-Batson
Associate Professor, Pediatrics
Medical School

As a licensed clinical neuropsychologist, I have extensive experience in the assessment of neurocognitive and emotional functioning across the lifespan. My research interests include the role of environmental stressors on children’s health and health behavior, as well as the identification of multi-level factors (e.g., individual, family, society) which buffer or exacerbate these risks. I lead an NICHD-funded study (R01HD090059) focused on early life stress and emerging cardiometabolic risk and an internal/CTSI-funded study examining racism-related stressors (structural factors and perceived discrimination/harassment) on children’s health (obesity, weight gain trajectories) and development (executive functioning, academic achievement). In both of these studies, we are examining the pathways, timing, risk and protective factors that translate early environmental stressors into emerging health and developmental risks.