Alexandria Kristensen-Cabrera

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MPC Population Health Predoctoral Trainee
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Research Interests


Maternal and Child Health


Alexandria is an MD-PhD Student in Health Services Research, Policy and Administration with a
focus on racism, geography, and maternal-infant health. She joined the MPC in an official
capacity in 2021 as a Population Health Predoctoral Trainee.


Gaurer J, Carr T, Cole D, Dale E, Kristensen-Cabrera A, LaPlant E, Violato C. Medical School Diversity
Engagement Survey Results. Best Practices in Health Sciences Education. Minneapolis, MN. April 2021.

Kristensen-Cabrera AI, Johnson PJ. Hispanic Ethnicity and Nativity Disparities in Maternal Morbidity.
Determinants of Women’s Health Conference, Minneapolis, MN. University of Minnesota. October

Kristensen-Cabrera A, Bergin J, Lee HC. Cross-sectional study on Neonatal Resuscitation Program training
practices. Abstract for poster presentation. Stanford Innovations in Medical Education Conference,
Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA. June 2018.

Kristensen-Cabrera A, Wornhoff R, Miramontes B, Martinez E, O'Connell L, Smith-Oka V. The role of
mentoring and social networks in shaping medical student empathy. Abstract for poster presentation.
Undergraduate Scholars Conference, University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN. May 2016.

Kristensen-Cabrera A, Perez-Then E, Miric M, Smith-Oka V. Factors associated with the practice of
breastfeeding for mothers in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. International Conference on
Nutrition and Growth. Vienna, Austria. March 2016.

Kristensen-Cabrera A, Rodriguez J, Smith-Oka V, Miric M, Perez-Then E. Community based breastfeeding
support intervention in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Human Development Conference. Notre
Dame, IN. April 2016.