PhD Minor Requirements

Enrollment in the Population Studies minor program at the PhD level is contingent on upon enrollment in a doctoral degree program offered by the University of Minnesota Graduate School.

Students need not formally apply to enroll in the minor; any student currently in good standing in the Graduate School may elect to complete the minor by fulfilling the requirements and filing a program completion form with the Director of Graduate Studies of Population Studies.

  • A total of 12 credits is required for the minor at the doctoral level.
  • All students must take the required courses: PA 5301, Population Methods & Issues in the U.S. & Global South
  • Doctoral students must also take at least nine credits from the list of approved courses. Students are required to take elective courses in a specific area of specialization (i.e., historical demography, population geography, economic demography, public health population studies, or family and life course demography).
  • Students must register for all courses A/F; courses taken on a pass/fail basis may not count toward the minor (with the exception of PubH 6628, which is currently offered only S-N).
  • Students may not apply courses in their major field of study to the minor program in Population Studies.
  • Students may petition for a particular topics course to be included in their program of study. The Curriculum Oversight Committee will review these petitions to determine whether a particular topics course is appropriate for the minor program curriculum.
  • Students who have completed the requirements for the minor need to file a program completion form with the Director of Graduate Studies. 

Note for students who have already filed degree programs with the Graduate School: If you have already filed your official degree program identifying a related field and now wish to include the Population Studies minor, OR if you have already filed a program with one minor and now wish to switch to Population Studies, you must petition the Graduate School to change your program. Please consult the Graduate School's Student Services and Progress Office at for more information.