Equal Employment Opportunity

EEO data in excel format is available for downloading for the following locations in Minnesota. These files were created with data from the Census Bureau EEO files.
If using this data, please note that, unlike previous years, the Census Bureau has estimated all data items. This means that individual data items cannot be "rolled up". You will find that adding Males and Females within a profession or racial/ethnic group will not result in the same figure shown in total.
The column "Total minus White-nh" is a column provided by the Minnesota Population Center to facilitate use by companies who are concerned only with the total number of workers available outside of White non-Hispanic. This figure is the sum of all fields except White non-Hispanic. This was done to avoid the appearance of negative numbers.

If you have any questions regarding these files, please contact Wendy Thomas (wlt@umn.edu).
List of Detailed Occupations and Codes

Minnesota State
Duluth-Superior MN-WI MSA
Fargo-Moorhead ND-MN MSA
Minneapolis-St. Paul MN-WI MSA
Rochester MN MSA
St. Cloud MN MSA

7 Metro Counties:
Anoka County
Carver County
Dakota County
Hennepin County
Ramsey County
Scott County
Washington County

Other locations are available from the Census Bureau site at no charge. EEO data compiled in the MPC excel spreadsheet format is available for a fee (see contract services).