Yi Wang

head and shoulders headshot of Yi Wang
Alumni MPC Population Studies Predoctoral Trainee
Graduate Research Assistant
Humphrey School of Public Affairs
Research Interests

Affordable housing policy; Residential segregation; Housing disparities; Poverty and inequality


Yi is a Ph.D. student in Urban Planning with a focus on affordable housing policy, urban redevelopment, and housing disparities. She joined the MPC in 2019 as a Population Studies Predoctoral Trainee and graduated from the training program in 2022. She earned her Masters in Urban Planning (2018) from Tsinghua University and her BA in Urban Planning (2015) from Tianjin University.

Concerning the issue of housing inequality in an urban context, Yi completed her master thesis on the spatial segregation of affordable market-rate rental housing in Beijing. As a graduate research assistant at the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), Yi is working with Professor Edward G. Goetz on projects that examine and evaluate different types of policy interventions directed towards affordable housing development in the US, France, and China. As an MPC trainee, she wants to explore more about the impacts of urban policies on the residential mobility and spatial distribution of the low-income population.