Katie Berry

Picture of Katie Berry
MPC Population Health Predoctoral Trainee
Epidemiology & Community Health
Research Interests
  1. Social Epidemiology
  2. Social Policy
  3. Health Equity
  4. Population Health

Katie’s research examines how social policy shapes the lives of families from socially and economically disadvantaged populations. Her dissertation uses the Fragile Families and Child Wellbeing Study and the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth 1997 to study the mental health impacts of state-level policies that make it harder for people with criminal records to find jobs, secure safe housing, exercise their right to vote, and lead healthy lives.


Katie is a PhD candidate in Epidemiology with a focus on the social, structural, and policy determinants of health. She joined the MPC in 2019 as a Population Health Predoctoral Trainee and is now funded by an individual F31 fellowship award from NICHD.


1. Sentenced to Struggle: Policy Barriers and the Mental Health of People with Criminal Records (Oral Presentation; Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science 2022)

2. Impact of smoking cessation on household food security. (Oral Presentation; Population Association of America 2022)

3. Association of delaying school start time with sleep-wake behaviors among adolescents. (Poster Award; Society for Epidemiologic Research 2021)

4. Weekend night versus school night sleep patterns, weight status, and weight-related behaviors among adolescents (Oral Presentation; Society for Epidemiologic Research 2020)