Jessie Himmelstern

MPC Population Health Predoctoral Trainee
Graduate Research Assistant
Alumni MPC Population Studies Trainee
Research Interests

Family demography; Gender; Early childhood inequality; Quantitative methodologies; Health disparities


Jessie joined the Minnesota Population Center as a graduate research assistant for Dr. John Robert (Rob) Warren during her first years as a Sociology PhD student. In Spring 2020, she became a Population Studies Predoctoral Trainee and became an alumni December 2022. Jessie received her MA in Quantitative Research Analysis in 2014 from New York University.

Jessie’s research interest center around family demography, health disparities, and social stratification. Currently, she is working on two projects. The first project explores the relationship between parental income during childhood and later life health, with an aim of understanding the impact of persistent poverty during childhood. Jessie’s second project examines couple’s leave patterns after the birth of a child. This project uses data from the Current Population Survey to explore changes in trends from 1980-2018.