Cynthia Pando

Picture of Cynthia Pando
MPC Population Health Predoctoral Trainee
Health Services Research, Policy, & Administration
Research Interests

Immigrant Health Policy, Latinx Health, Health Inequities and Disparities, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Intersectionality, Social Construction


Cynthia is a PhD candidate in Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration at the University of Minnesota. Cynthia holds a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Neuroscience and Sociology and a master's degree in Sociology from Lehigh University. Previously, she was a research assistant at State Health Access Data Assistance Center, where she worked on multiple state-focused projects, including Minnesota's Community and Uninsured Profile. She was a pre-doctoral Population Health T-32 NICHD trainee at the Minnesota Population Center.

Her dissertation focuses on the indirect effects of the 2017 proposed public charge rule, an immigration policy, on Medicaid enrollment and healthcare experiences of US-citizen Latinx children with immigrant parents.