Cynthia Pando

MPC Population Health Predoctoral Trainee
Health Services Research, Policy, & Administration
Research Interests

Migration; Healthcare access and health disparities; Racial/ethnic health disparities


Cynthia is a Health Services Research, Policy, and Administration PhD student at the University of Minnesota with a focus on sociology of illness, immigrant health, and adverse childhood experiences. She is a Predoctoral Population Health Trainee.  

Cynthia’s research currently focuses on the geographic variation of uninsurance across Minnesota, the barriers to accessing health insurance using the Minnesota Health Access Survey, and analyzing racial and family dynamics displayed in health insurance advertisements. Future work will focus on the relationship between social environment, biology of obesity, and stressors.


Pando, Cynthia. “Identifying the Geographic Concentration of the Remaining Uninsured in Minnesota and their Characteristics.” Presented at Academy Health 2019. (Washington DC). 

Pando, Cynthia. “Health of US citizens with Undocumented Parents & Immigration Policy.” Presented at Midwest Sociological Society 2019. (Chicago, IL)