MPC Offices: 50 Willey Hall

The main office of the Minnesota Population Center is located at 50 Willey Hall on the West Bank of the University of Minnesota's Minneapolis Campus.

In 2004, the College of Liberal Arts provided funds to renovate 18,000 square feet of space in Willey Hall to house our Center. In early 2015, MPC expanded into two new locations to accomodate our rapid growth. The IPUMS-International project is now located at 55 Humphrey Center, adjacent to the University's Humphrey School of Public Affairs. Our suite at 1200 Washington Avenue, also known ats the Minnesota Supercomputing Building, houses our extensive archive of paper census enumeration materials from around the world, along with 43 workspaces for staff.

Our Willey Hall space was designed and executed by Charles Levin Architects and UM Construction.

If you're planning a visit, see the map and driving directions under Contact Us.

Panoramic Office Photo

MPC Library

Office Area