Sarah Garcia

Graduate Research Assistant
Alumni MPC Predoctoral Trainee
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Research Interests

Health disparities, demography, disability


Sarah joined the Institute for Social Research and Data Innovation (ISRDI) in 2014 as a Graduate Research Assistant for Dr. John Robert (Rob) Warren and was a member of the first cohort of population trainees. She currently works as a Graduate Research Assistant on the IPUMS DHS data project. She is engaged in and committed to cross-disciplinary and population research with a focus on Sociology and demography. Sarah's areas of research are health disparities and disability. In particular, Sarah studies the persistent relationship between education and health, and the relationship between economic inequality and disability. 

Selected Publications

Brunsberg (now Garcia), S., Rosser, S., & Smolenski, D. 2012. HIV Sexual Risk Behavior and Health Insurance Coverage in Men Who Have Sex With Men. Sexuality Research and Social Policy 9(2): 125-131.