Anna Bolgrien

Anna Bolgrien
Graduate Research Assistant
Predoctoral Trainee
Public Policy
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IPUMS Data Projects

Research Interests

International development; Survey methodology; Demographic data infrastructure; Childhood


Anna is a PhD student in the Humphrey School of Public Affairs with a focus on global policy and international development.  She is a graduate research assistant at IPUMS-international and a population trainee. 

Before coming to the University of Minnesota, Anna earned a MA in Demography and Social Analysis from the University of California, Irvine (2015).  Currently, she is working on projects in formal demography, infant mortality, urban slum migration (with Dr. Audrey Dorelien), and giving voice to children through the improvement of survey technologies and methodologies (with Dr. Deborah Levison).  She is also involved with KidsGive, a nonprofit organization that works to educate students in the U.S. about African life and culture while providing children in Sierra Leone with educational opportunities and improved sanitation.   

Selected Publications

Deborah Levison, Anna Bolgrien. "Children's Voice in Transition to Adulthood in Developing Countries" Children Should Be Seen AND Heard" Presented poster at IUSSP International Population Conference 2017 (Cape Town, South Africa) 

Bolgrien, Anna and Audrey Dorelien. "Feminization and Migration Patterns in Four Urban Slums in Port-au-Prince, Haiti". Presented poster at IUSSP International Population Conference 2017 (Cape Town, South Africa) 

Dorelien, Audrey, Anna Bolgrien, and et al. "Demography and migration patterns of residents in four urban slums in Port-au-Prince, Haiti" Presented at the European Association of Population Studies: Mortality, Morbidity and Health Workshop 2017 (Novosibirsk, Russia)

Bolgrien, Anna. "Projecting the Crossover of Life Expectancy at Birth and Age One". University of California, Irvine Masters Research. Presented poster at Population Association of American 2017 (Chicago, USA)