Maryia Bakhtsiyarava

Alumni MPC Population Studies Trainee
Geography, Environment, and Society
Associated Projects
Research Interests

Population studies; Climate and health; Spatial demography; Spatial statistics, GIS


I received my PhD from the Department of Geography, Environment and Society in Summer 2020. My doctoral work analyzed the complex relationships among agricultural production, climate variability, food security and nutrition in Ethiopia. At MPC, I worked on a range of ISRDI projects, including IPUMS-Terra, IPUMS-International, and IPUMS-DHS. I worked on creating temporally consistent administrative boundaries, integration of the environmental and population census data, creating contextual environmental variables for microdata census records, and creating reproductive health calendar variables from DHS. I also carried out substantive research and participated in outreach activities. Currently I am a Postdoctoral Scholar at the Institute of Urban and Regional Development at the University of California, Berkeley. My research at Berkeley focuses on investigating environment-related health disparities in cities in Latin America.