Maryia Bakhtsiyarava

Graduate Research Assistant
Alumni MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Geography, Environment, and Society
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IPUMS Data Projects

Research Interests

Population studies; Climate and health; Spatial demography; Spatial statistics, GIS


I am currently a PhD Candidate at the Department of Geography, Environment and Society and expect to graduate in Spring 2020. I joined the MPC in 2014 as a Graduate Research Assistant and Population Trainee. I have worked on a range of ISRDI projects, including IPUMS-Terra and IPUMS-International. My responsibilities have included creating temporally consistent administrative boundaries, integration of the environmental and population census data, creating contextual environmental variables for microdata census records, as well as outreach activities and substantive research. 
My doctoral work analyzes the complex relationships among agricultural production, climate variability, food security and nutrition in Ethiopia. I examine how household-level food (in)security interacts with children’s nutrition outcomes and relates to households’ livelihood strategies manifested through their agricultural activities in the context of climate variability.

Please contact me if interested in my current work.