Mark Lee

Predoctoral Population Health Trainee
MPC Alumni Population Studies Trainee
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Research Interests and Project Expertise

Social determinants of dementia and cognitive aging, life course, social stratification, population health.


Mark is a PhD student in sociology studying population health disparities from a life course perspective. He joined the MPC as a population studies trainee in 2017 and began the population health training program in 2019.

Mark has assisted with collecting and analyzing longitudinal data for the Youth Development Study as well as harmonizing international household survey data for IPUMS-MICS. An ongoing project uses data from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth to test whether selective migration helps produce geographic disparities in obesity. His current research interests involve understanding the impact of early life factors on later life health disparities.

Selected Publications

Lee, Mark. (2019). Obesity among U.S. rural adults: Assessing selection and causation with prospective cohort data. Health & Place.


Lee, Mark, John Robert Warren, and Joseph Ferrie. “Association of Childhood Lead Exposure with Late Life Cognition and Psychological Traits.” Interdisciplinary Association for Population Health Science 2019 (Seattle, WA)

Lee, Mark. “For Whom Does Agency Matter Most? Gendered Pathways Toward Upward Educational Mobility.” American Sociological Association 2019 (New York, NY)

Lee, Mark. “Does Rural Residence Cause Weight Gain? Longitudinal Evidence of BMI Change in a Nationally Representative Cohort.” Population Association of America 2019 (Austin, TX)

Lee, Mark and Elizabeth Heger Boyle. “Disciplinary Practices Among Orphaned Children in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from the Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey.” Population Association of America 2019 (Austin, TX)

Lee, Mark. “The Impact of Intergenerational Educational Mobility on Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption.” American Sociological Association 2018 (Philadelphia, PA)