Man Xu

Graduate Research Assistant
MPC Alumni Population Studies Trainee
Public Policy
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Research Interests

Education, labor, and life course; Work, family and time; Economic demography


I am a PhD student at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs with a focus on racial and ethnic inequality and policy analysis. I joined the MPC in 2017 as a predoctoral trainee in population studies.

My research interests align with economic and historical demography. My dissertation explores two variations from traditional marriage arrangements by examining the effects of the Chinese Exclusion Acts and the repeal of Anti-Miscegenation Laws in the U.S and the economic returns of interethnic marriages and female-headed household trends in China.

Selected Publications

    Deng, S., Lai, Y., Myers, S. L., and Xu, M. (2020). Foundation giving and economics research productivity at hbcus: Empirical evidence from the koch foundation. Journal of Economics, Race, and Policy.

    Myers Jr, S. L. and Xu, M. (2019). The effects of dbe goals on bid success rates. Journal of Management Policy and Practice, 20(5).

    Nanney, M. S., Myers, S. L., Xu, M., Kent, K., Durfee, T., and Allen, M. L.(2019). The economic benefits of reducing racial disparities in health: The case of minnesota. International journal of environmental research and public health, 16(5):742

    Myers, S. L., Li, K., Li, Y., Price, G. N., and Xu, M. (2020). Ethnicity and Inequality in China, chapter Determinants of Han-Minority Urban Income Inequality, pages 246 - 279. Routledge (forthcoming).

    Myers, S. L., Sabol, W. J., Xu, M., and Vega, D. V. (2018). Racial and ethnic disproportionality in foster care. In Handbook of Foster Youth, pages 335 - 361.Taylor and Francis.

    Lv, L., Chen, X., and Xu, M. (2014). Chinese Household Ethnicity Project, chapter Language, education and health for children in rural minority areas of seven western provinces, pages 305 - 337. Chinese Social Sciences Press.