Kari Williams

Research Fellow

IPUMS Data Projects

Research Interests and Project Expertise

Food, nutrition, and public health; Natural resource use and management; Value chain analysis


I began working at the MPC in 2013 after completing my Master of Development Practice degree from the University of Minnesota's Humphrey School of Public Affairs. As a research fellow on NHIS, my role ranges from writing newsletters to keep NHIS users informed about the project, to confirming data quality and preparing for releasing new data.

I am a trained development practitioner with a passion for better understanding the intersection of public health, natural resource use and management, and economic opportunities among marginalized communities. The MPC's emphasis on providing quality microdata resonates with my interest to use available information to enable more effective policy and development initiatives.

Selected Publications

Collinson, E., Habeel, N., Jawaid, F., Jean, L., & Williams, K. Growing Potential: An analysis of legal and policy barriers faced by women in horticulture in Guatemala, Nepal, Tanzania, and Zambia. (Global Policy Masters Research Project). Humphrey School of Public Affairs: Minneapolis, MN.

El Mejoramiento del Aprovechamiento y la Producción de la Madera Caída en la Península de Osa: Un Análisis del Papel Actual y Potencial de una Asociación de Productores de Bosque. (Participatory value chain research and capacity building initiative on sustainable timber harvest in Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula). ACOSA/MINAET: Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica.

El Agrietamiento del Nuez de Ramón: Un Analysis del Papel Actual y Potencial de Conservación Forestal Mediante Certificación, Comercialización y Fortalecimiento del Cadena de Valor del Nuez de Ramón en el Departamento el Petén. (Value chain research on non-forest timber products' role in improving livelihoods and promoting conservation in forest communities). Rainforest Alliance: Minneapolis, MN