Huiyun Kim

Postdoctoral Research Associate
Research Interests

Poverty and inequality; Housing instability; Social welfare policy; Low-income housing policy


Huiyun joined the MPC as a postdoctoral research associate in December 2018 and participated in the NIH-funded research project entitled “Health, Neighborhood Contexts, and Mobility” (PI: Theresa Osypuk).

Huiyun’s dissertation project examined the intersection of low-income housing programs and housing insecurity among the poor, taking an econometric approach to program evaluation and a sociological approach to examining organizational decision making in program implementation.


Theresa L. Osypuk, Huiyun Kim, and Nicole M. Schmidt. What Happened to the Controls in the Moving to Opportunity Housing Experiment? Presented at Society for Epidemiological Research’s annual meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 19, 2019.

Kim, Huiyun. Failing the Least Advantaged: Unintended Consequences of Local Implementation of the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Presented at the Association for Public Policy Analysis & Management’s annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois, November 4, 2017.

Burgard, Sarah A., and Huiyun Kim. Housing Instability and Mental Health among Renters in the Michigan Recession and Recovery Study. Presented at the Population Association of America’s annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois, April 29, 2017.