Graduate Student Members

The Minnesota Population Center facilitates graduate student participation by encouraging community, promoting outreach activities, and training. MPC graduate students hold free IPUMS data workshops annually to introduce U of M graduate students to the data available at the MPC, demonstrate how to get the data, and provide helpful tips for working with IPUMS data.

Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Stefani Aleman, Epidemiology and Community Health
Besufekad Alemu, Applied Economics
Tanja Andic, Sociology
Katherine Andrade, Epidemiology
Isabel Arriagada, Sociology
Gagan Atreya, Political Science
Jackie Austin, Sociology
Navneet Kaur Baidwan, School of Public Health
Maryia Bakhtsiyarava, Geography, Environment, and Society- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Baishali Bakshi, Minnesota Population Center
DeAndre Beadle, Sociology- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Aaron Berger, Epidemiology
Jeffrey Bloem, Applied Economics
Camilo Bohorquez-Penuela, Applied Economics
Anna Bokun, Sociology- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Anna Bolgrien, Public Policy- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Kimberly Bonner, Public and International Affairs
Collin Calvert, Epidemiology and Community Health
Chelsea Cervantes De Blois, Geography, Environment and Society- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Juan Chaparro, Applied Economics
Tongtan "Bert" Chantarat, School of Public Health
Sung Choi, Health Policy and Management
Kenn Chua, Applied Economics
Corey Culver, Sociology- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Caitlyn Curry, Sociology
Scott Dallman, Applied Economics
Scott DeMuth, Sociology
Naomi Duke, Sociology
Ding Fei, Geography, Environment and Society
Jessica Friedman, Epidemiology and Community Health- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Sarah Garcia, Sociology- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Lama Ghazi, Medicine
Elizabeth S. Goldsmith, Epidemiology
Emily Groene, School of Public Health
Lisa Gulya, Sociology
Jasmine Trang Ha, Sociology
Suyoun Han, Applied Economics
Jeff T. Henning-Smith, Curriculum and Instruction
Veronica L. Horowitz, Sociology
Liqi (Kevin) Huang, Sociology
Aimzhan Iztayeva, Sociology
Emily Jordan Jensen, Family Social Science
Spruha Joshi, Epidemiology
Anne Kaduk, Sociology
J'Mag KarbeahHealth Services Research, Policy and Administration- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Harshada Karnik, Public Policy
Kaja Kierful, Economics
Ummul-Kiram Kathawalla, Couseling Psychology
Melinda Kernik, Geography
Brittany Krzyzanowski, Geography
Yufeng Lai, Public Policy
Katarina Lee, Law School
Mark Lee, Sociology- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Sangyoo Lee, Public Policy- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Soomin Lee, Applied Economics
Won Lee, Applied Economics
Chris Levesque, Sociology- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Gustavo Leyva Jimenez, Economics
Rocio Madera Holgado, Applied Economics
Silver Namunane, Applied Economics- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Matt Nelson, History
Jessica Nickrand, History of Medicine
Haema Nilakanta, Statistics
Yun Taek Oh, Applied Economics- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Natalia Ordaz Reynoso, Applied Economics
Abdalla Osman, Systems Engineering
Divya Pandey, Applied Economics- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Michelle Pratt, Applied Economics- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Julia Przedworski, Health Policy and Management
Jim Saliba, Sociology
Leah H. Samberg, Global Landscapes Initiative- Postdoctoral Research Associate
Jeanie SantaulariaEpidemiology and Community Health
Adan Silverio-Murillo, Applied Economics
AshLee Smith, Public Affairs
Luke SmithEpidemiology and Community Health- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
William Speagle, Economics
Andrew StoneCommunity Health Promotion
Shiyang Su, Educational Psychology
Maria Sundaram, Environmental Health
Joseph Svec, Sociology
Allan Tate, Epidemiology- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Naomi Thyden, Epidemiology
Mariana Urbina-Ramirez, Applied Economics
Khoa Vu, Applied Economics- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Robert Walker, Epidemiology
Yu Wang, Applied Economics
Marie Wu, Sociology
Stephen Wulff, Sociology
Man Xu, Public Policy- MPC Predoctoral Trainee
Ming Xu, Applied Economics
Jiani YuHealth Services Research, Policy & Administration
Irina Zainullina, Applied Economics