Poster and PowerPoint Templates

MPC offers members custom templates, poster design consultations, and professional printing services for presentations given at national conferences. 

Poster Templates

MPC provides poster templates for members to use for professional conferences. Each template has three versions: three columns with a double wide right side column, three columns with a double wide center column, and four equally wide columns. All templates are scaled to print at 44h x 88w. We strongly discourage members from making any major alterations to the templates. If you do so, we reserve the right to remove the MPC logo from your poster. 

Poster Design Tips

PowerPoint Templates

Program Development is pleased to provide MPC members PowerPoint templates for broad use with professional presentations on-campus and at national conferences. These contain various slide templates including title pages, content pages (MPC and IPUMS projects), and acknowledgements. 

PowerPoint Tips and Guidelines for MPC Presentations

  • Review best practices for effective slide design
  • Practice, practice, practice... and seek feedback before presenting