Pilot Grants

MPC offers two types of pilot grants to help maximize the competitiveness of members' research proposals for external funding. Consistent with the mission of the Population Dynamics Branch of the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), we define "population research" as the scientific study of human populations, including fertility, mortality and morbidity, migration, population distribution, nuptiality, family demography, population growth and decline, and the causes and consequences of demographic change. All MPC faculty, research staff, and post-doctoral members are eligible to apply.

  • Proposal Development Mentorship Grants: Approved applicants will work with MPC Administrative and Program Development Core staff to draft a complete, polished, multi-disciplinary population research grant proposal that will undergo formal internal and external mock reviews before submission to an external agency. Applictions must be submitted at least six months prior to the external funder's proposal submission deadline.
  • Proposal Development Pilot Grants: The purpose of this program is to stimulate fundable, multi-disciplinary population research at the University of Minnesota. These small-scale grants (typically under $10,000) are designed to allow faculty and research scientists to complete pilot or preliminary studies needed for a grant proposal to an external funding agencies. Pilot funding can be used for faculty and student time as well as for the costs of buying data, carrying out data collection, and working with off-site collaborators. All MPC Faculty and Research Staff members are eligible to apply, though we strongly encourage our new and early stage investigators to use the Mentorship Grant Mechanism.

For additional information regarding MPC program development grants and MPC membership, contact grumore@umn.edu.